Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms does it support?

The Mouin system supports iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Java/J2ME phones. The generated iPhone apps require iOS 3.0 or higher. Blackberry apps requires BB OS 4.2 or higher (there are separate binaries for 4.2, 4.2+, and 5.0+, due to lack of WiFi support in BB OS 4.2 and use of advanced features in 5.0+). The Android version requires Android 2.1 or higher. Java/J2ME support is more complex, given the enormouse range of devices and manufacturers, most modern to mid-old devices are supported. We mainly test this version on high-end Symbian Nokias, some Samsung and Sony-Ericsson devices, etc...

Compatibility with the web sites can be a bit uneven. Webkit is used on iPhone and Android, and thus some Javascript is supported. The Blackberry and J2ME versions don't support any Javascript at all. If you want support across the abord, make sure you use simple, streamlined HTML and CSS.

Are they real native apps?

Yes, the generated apps are fully native apps coded natively for each platform. The unified Mouin CSS extensions allow the apps to be written once, and just re-built for each end-user app.

Will you support other platforms?

Yes, we plan to add support for other major mobile platforms in the future

Can you help me with problem X?

Write to us at and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Do you submit to the app stores? Is approval guaranteed? Are the fees refunded if the app is not approved?

The Mouin system submits the apps automatically to the official app store for each platform, and to Getjar for J2ME apps, which is probably the best known J2ME app portal.

Approval is not guaranteed, Apple, RIM, Google and GetJar have the last word about approving your app. If your app is not approved, you can either change something and resubmit, or ask us to get a refund.

Can I get binaries for each platform?

You will get links to download the apps for the Blackberry, Android and J2ME versions. Apple doesn't allow "side-loading", so we can't provide you with a binary.

Can I use video/image galleries/geolocation/...?

We plan to add many other features in the near future. Check back in a few weeks. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them to