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Who we are

Jon Beltrán de Heredia Igor Crespo Fernando Ormazabal Raúl Ramos Isaac Botija Julio García Iñigo López Heredia


Mouin is a web-to-mobile technology company, we create our own technology, and we hope to offer it to many content-owners and app-creators, so that they can bring their web vision to mobile with the least effort..

We started Mouin in early 2008. We thought that, if properly adapted, mobile was an amazing medium for web content and services – the screen is small, but it’s always with you, and you don’t need a large screen if the interface is completely focused. With this vision, we started creating the technology to make it happen.

Now in 2011, we finally have a technology stack that we feel comfortable offering to end customers. We hope that our technology will be recognized for its unique and innovative approach, and for all the advantages it offers to create native mobile apps in a simple way.

We are looking for web partners to offer our technology, so if you think the Mouin system would be a great combination with the strengths of your company, be sure to get in touch with us!

We are a small team of highly motivated individuals, passionate about the web, mobile, and finding new and better approaches to the difficulties in this amazing new medium.


We have been developing the technology for the past 3 years. While we realized our complete vision, we have been using the pieces in different projects for several customers: